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M210 - Business Documents & Billing


This Module ensures the general treatment of such Documents, which is done, in some cases, in conjunction with specific Modules, with highlights to:

  The registration, issuance, and handling of Internal Documents, Our Documents to Third Parties and all sorts of Documents from Third Parties;

  The automation of the reflexes of Documents on different subsystems, particularly in Accounting, Checking Accounts, Budget, Treasury, Fixed Assets and Stocks/Inventory;

  The Issuance of Documents such as Invoices and Notes, Requisitions, Waybills and others, either printed or in PDF format, including their sending via Emails and/or the sending of links so that Third Parties can have access to the Documents generated;

  The proper treatment of taxes even in more complex scenarios;

  Productivity tools such as the Association of Documents into Chains and the Transformation of Documents;

  Statistical Reports and sundry graphs as well as listings definable by Users;

  It is enough to support Billing, unless the country concerned requires specific modules, as are the cases of the NFEs in Brazil and Certified Billing in Portugal, where the respective modules must be subscribed;

  Facilities to support the specificities of Public Administration and "a priori" Budgetary Control, such as Appropriations / Allocations of Funds, Commitments and Payment Authorizations as well as the real-time control of Expenditure Phases.


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