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M310 - Projects / Works


This Module is directed to the Management of Projects and Works with emphasis on:

  Budgeting, Planning, Follow-up and Implementation of Projects / Works, whether in regard to the financial aspects of expenses and revenues, cost and sales prices, or in regard to the operational aspects of items to be Executed and their Inputs;

  Proposals, Consumption Plans, Requests and Billing;

  Schedules of Implementation, Cost and Income;

  As Projects / Works are also Contracts, they may be managed as such.

  Definition of Projects / Works in a simplified form based on the Items to be Executed or Products to be consumed;

  Definition of Projects / Works by both, Items to be Executed and Products to be consumed; the Products to be Consumed are those needed for the execution of the Items;

  The direct relationship between Itens and Products, including the composition of Prices;

  Dynamic outputs and statistics.


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