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M350 - Helpdesk / Web-Based Support Services


This Module supports services regarding requests from both External and Internal Customers, with highlights to:

  The accreditation of Internal and External Customers, including the General Public, so as to make use of such services;

  The registration of Occurrences / Tickets directly by the Customers over the Web;

  The follow-up of such Occurrences / Tickets, also over the Web, by the Customers, until they have been solved;

  The registration, by whoever provides the service, of the Events associated with the life cycle of each Occurrence / Ticket;

  Registrations of, for instance, the forwarding of requests, search and implementation of solutions, as well as the submission of answers;

  The Classification and Statistics of Tickets;

  The Review and treatment of Tickets in terms of the Q M S
  Quality Management System
  including the comparison of the Statistical Data obtained with the goals set in the QMS.


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