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M500 - Notes, Subjects and Tasks


This Module supports internal controlled communication in compliance with the ISO 9001:2008 quality standards. It enables the arrangement of written dialogues in an expeditious but rigorous way based on shared Notes and on the Setting and Follow-up of shared Subjects and Tasks with highlights to:

  Controlled Communication in 3 steps: firstly, the issuance of Notes; secondly, the confirmation of their acceptance by the recipients; and thirdly, after the Notes have been accepted, the sender's confirmation that they have acknowledged the acceptance of the Notes by the recipients;

  The creation of Note Chains on a subject, allowing participants to be added and interventions to be chained in a way that Notes Chains can be accessed and seen again and the history of what's happened can be rebuilt at any time;

  The possibility of associating Scanned Documents, Files and Links in general to Notes, subjects and Tasks;

  The Setting and Arrangement of Subjects and Tasks into Items shared by their authors with whoever should be informed and participate in the Note Chain;

  The Follow-up of Subjects and Tasks in terms of multiple control encodings regarding the status of the Item, its criticality, urgency and level of implementation, among others.


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