Can you trust the Cloud? Management Software in the Cloud?

  It is easily understood that a Management Software Solution in the Cloud - Cloud Computing - like ours frees Organizations from many concerns and costs:

  • frees Organizations from many concerns and costs of installation and maintenance of applications;

  • frees Organizations from many concerns and costs of servers and scarce, specialized human resources in order to manage such servers and Databases.


  Can our Customers trust the Cloud though? Store their Data in there? Is it safe? Might they get lost?

These are pertinent questions that deserve proper attention and clarification. We will answer them, but before that, let us tell this much: yes, you can rely on our Solutions in the Cloud!

The Data is Secure

 When it comes to Data Security, we guarantee daily backups on at least 3 different geographical facilities across 2 countries and still Permanent Data Replçication between servers in different countries. And there is more:

  • If You want you can subscribe to our service replication of backups on Clients devices and so Clients can have a backup of their Data on a daily basis  on their own facilities.


 Furthermore, when it comes to Access Security, we always use a secure protocol, the https protocol. Also you can parameterize logins to only be able to access our applications from certain IP addresses.


The Service is always Available

 In terms of Service Availability and concerning Servers, we assure a clone in another country, thus enabling the continuation of the work based on the last backup.

Now, regarding the Access to Servers, the applications can be accessed from anywhere, any time. This allows Customers, even if they are having problems in their facilities somehow, to continue accessing their applications from other facilities.

  Customers can also use an ordinary wireless internet driver: if a user, for instance, is working and a problem to his or her facility or communication network occurs, he or she can immediately get connected to the Internet again through a wireless internet driver from an alternative provider and proceed with his or her works.

It is because of all this and much more that you can trust the Cloud!