Test our Servers


The Web and Cloud Computing are outstanding facilities in terms of access to advanced applications of Organizations at a very affordable cost.


But you must have a broadband with good response times.


Good response times which are needed for our applications do not require great broadband speeds. Trivial links are usually sufficient, depending, of course, of the number of users that are using the applications.


What we must avoid is the sharing of that bandwidth with other types of uses that consume lots of bandwidth continuously.


For example, downloading files whether they come attached to emails, placed as attachments in e-mails or downloaded directly from the Internet.


Our applications are transactional. Little information is transmitted but must have quick response times. If the line is busy with heavy uploads or downloads is impossible to get good times.


Therefore, rather than having a lot of bandwidth is important to have bandwidth reserved for our applications. 


To test your conditions of access to servers za, click on the link below and login when prompted to respond with:


User: demo

Pass: demo


You will enter the Module M490 - Employee Portal. The options available are representative of the bandwidth needs of our modules in general. 


Click to see which Servers best suit your country:


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If times are not good enough consider what was said about isolate traffic transaction. Nowadays ADSL are already available in very affordable rates.