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M421 - Time, Accesses and Schedules


This Module is designed to provide a simple, effective, and economic control of the Employees Times over the Web, as well as other accesses such as the registration of task times. The highlights are:

  The possibility of recording Entries and Exits from anywhere with access to the Web, either from a PC, or even a mobile phone;

  The possibility of waving the use of traditional methods and devices of Time and Access Control by using a single Security Code or a Employee Login;

  The possibility of classifying the time period at issue and enabling their control by either real-time, through the system time, or deferred time, in which the Employee is authorized to indicate both start and end times;

  Treatment of records, associating the registration of times with different groups of Working Times and with predefined Time Events, thus determining deviations, absences, overtime, and special periods such as night work shifts;

  The possibility of a later analysis / decision making by the parties responsible over records, for example, with regard to the confirmation of absences and overtime;

  The integration with traditional devices of time control, if any, and also with the Employee Record, and Payroll Processing;

  The possibility of attaching scanned documents to records, for example, for justification of absences;

  The possibility of using this Module to treat Entries and Exits of Third Parties, e.g. visitors, as well as to record the start and end times of tasks, particularly in areas such as production and rendering of services;

  Dynamic Outputs and multiple Statistical Reports.


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