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M423 - Travels and Aloowances


This Module enables the support to the treatment of Employees' Travels and associated Allowances, including the registration of information and events relevant to travels as well, highlighting:

  Routes, schedules, places to stay, tickets attached, travelers' document data, visas, vaccines and alike, insurances, procedures in emergency situations, several types of booking, arrangement of groups, contacts to make, and contacts in general, among others;

  The Access by the employee and other interveners to all the information over the Web from anywhere and at anytime;

  The registration of relevant events and the exchange of information and messages among interveners, as these, including the traveler, can use the system for that purpose and also for sending SMS messages;

  The possibility of tracking the traveler, which can continuously feed the system with his position along the route;

  The possibility of recording allowances and overall costs associated with travels;

  The establishment of a travel history in the Organization;

  Multiple reports and statistics.


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