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M440 - Recruitment of Human Resources


This Module supports Recruitment activities, with highlights to:

  The Identification and Planning of Recruitment Needs, including the setting of Examinations / Ads and respective processes along with their respective stages;

  The Maintenance of an updated Base of Information on Applicants/Candidates and Applications, including Online Applications registered directly by Applicants, who are granted a Personal Code so as to interact with the Portal;

  The Registration of specific Applications by the Applicants to Ads posted in the Portal by the Organization;

  Effective communication with Applicants via messages in the Portal, Emails or even SMS;

  The Support to Recruitment Actions and their Processes throughout their Stages;

  The supplementary treatment of the Information on Applicants and Applications by the Organization in order to maintain an updated Base of Information and be able to feed its Recruitment Processes.


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