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M535 - Evaluation of/by Third Parties


This Module supports activities concerning Evaluations of our Organization by Third Parties, and conversely, Evaluations of Third Parties by our Organization, in compliance with the Quality Management System, and the ISO 9000:2008 Quality Standards, highlighting:

  The Setting of Questionnaires;

  Requests to Third Parties, in particular through automatic Emails so they can answer the Questionnaires;

  The support to the Registration of Answers, inclusively directly by Third Parties over the Web on the Portal of the Organization;

  The ascertainment of the Levels of Satisfaction and their link to established Goals;

  The determination of improvement needs;

  Multiple Classifications and Statistics;

  The Establishment of an information base to help us improve our level of acceptance with regard to Third Parties, and choose the Third Parties that can best help our Organization in the pursuit of its Goals.


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