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The 5 advantages of the new Solutions on the Cloud

Nowadays, more than ever, Organizations must be sustainable. That is why they have to be alert to new Solutions, which they can benefit from. We have come a long way from the advent of the E-mail to the Facebook, showing that, on a daily basis, we have gotten used to and come to trust the Web, the Cloud. Nevertheless, regarding Management Support Solutions, where do we stand?




As displayed in the figure below, we offer Web-Based Management Support Solutions to all areas, solutions whose versions tailored to Public Management, field in which we have many years of experience. However, what are their advantages for being on the Cloud? We point out 5 advantages right from the start:

1. We do not have to install anything and do not need to worry about Servers, Databases, Backups, Installation and Maintenance of the Management Software.

2. The Software is always updated to its latest version, that is, we have many more and better facilities and face fewer problems, without doing anything or being interrupted while performing our tasks.

3. The access can be done anytime, anywhere, by any authorized party. However, what if your network is facing problems? Then all it takes is a Mobile Internet Modem to keep on working!

4. We offer more Security, whether in the access of the information, which is carried out via passwords and protected by the HTTPS (HTTP Secure) Protocol, whether in terms of backups, in which case we offer alternative replicas in at least 3 facilities in 3 different countries. You can tell where users can log in from or even tell they can log in from your facilities only. You can download a regular copy of your data onto your facilities.

5. There are fewer Costs, as, from the start, we can save resources, both material and human, necessary for traditional Applications to work. There is also a whole support made economic and efficient via the Web, including our Helpdesk / Support to Users and our Consulting on the Cloud.



Speaking of Consulting on the Cloud, let us also see some advantages it offers:

1. Consulting on the Cloud implies, from the start, fewer costs because it does not require travel and makes better use of the time of Consultants.

2. Remote interventions may be short, without impairing its effectiveness. A half-hour video conference may solve what could a traditional consulting, comprising 1-2 hours travel plus 2 hours meeting. Note we are not talking about long-distance travel!

3. The right People may gather at the right Time to deal with each issue. A Project involves many issues, but we cannot displace the best specialist of each field to that project – it would be unaffordable! Consultants having an average mix of competencies are displaced to what is at stake instead. Nevertheless, via Web-Based Consulting, we can schedule the best Consultants for every moment and issue of the Project.

Try our Web-Based Consulting and be surprised with the results!

We have had an ISO-9001 Quality Certification by Lloyd's since 1997.

In conclusion, whether it comes to Management Support Solutions or Consulting, you can count on the Web and on us.


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