And what about Cloud Consulting? Is it possible?

  Cloud Computing, OK, I take that. But is Cloud Consulting also possible? Without the physical presence of the Consultants themselves?

This is a matter whose answer encompasses the same factors why Management Software in the Cloud, as Cloud Computing, has been spreading nowadays. Particularly, there are more chances to achieve the intended goals at a lower cost, beforehand and in a more effective and sustainable way!


  Yes, it is possible! Yes, we do Consulting in the Cloud!


Lower Cost


 Cloud Consulting is cheaper from the start because it does not require travels and makes better use of the Consultants’ time.


Remote interventions may be brief, with no damage to its effectiveness. A half an hour, well-planned teleconference may solve what traditional consulting would in, say, 1-2 hour travel plus 2-hour meeting, minimum requirements to justify the travel.

And that when we are not talking about long-distance travels, including international ones, which are sometimes only justified when it’s, at least, a week stay, which may inevitably be full of dead time or at least very little time to productivity.

 As the Consultant may still be anywhere, that increases availability and competitiveness and in this sense contributes with a further decrease in costs by decreasing Consultants’ hourly values.




 Many projects may have to be delayed or never be accomplished at all due to the scarcity or even the absence of certain qualified resources. This is particularly so in emerging countries and regions, as there usually is no money to relocate resources from abroad since the costs are always very high.


So, Cloud Consulting can, of course, enable such Projects to be accomplished beforehand and even prevent them from ever being left unaccomplished.


More effective and sustainable way

 Cloud Consulting provides yet another essential facility: the power to gather, at the right time, the most competent people to treat each area.

A Project is always divided in several segments and involves several issues. Nevertheless, relocating the best expert of each area to the Project site is not affordable, and so the usual choice is relocating only someone with a mix of skills that satisfactorily allows the resolutions of what is at issue.

The Client himself can not often gather all the people who should participate in the Project due to difficulties in arrange their agendas with the displacement of the Consultant.

  However, it is possible, with Cloud Consulting, to gather the best Consultants and the best Elements of the Client for each area of the Project.

This greatly increases the efficiency of the Project, and more: the Consultants will still be there available in the Cloud if eventually needed, even if sometimes only for fifteen minutes, which might be enough for the project not to stop or get off the right track. And such continued presence of the Consultants in the Cloud makes Projects even more Sustainable!


After all, which Consultants are available in the Cloud?


  The Consultants we can offer you, besides being highly competent, are those whom we usually work with on the Projects with our Clients and for many years, not only when it comes to implementing our Application Modules, but also when it comes to Specific Technologies, Management in several areas, Business Process Reengineering, Business Intelligence and others.


  It is therefore based on this Portfolio of highly experienced Consultants and on various countries that we provide you with our Specialized Consulting Services which currently comprises:

  • Information Technology in various aspects, such as:


    • Management of Facilities and Information Technologies in general;

    • Web Cloud Computing in general, sites and online stores, transactional applications and others, Google products, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), AdWords campaigns, etc.;

    • Application Servers and Data Bases: Windows / IIS / Tomcat / Postegresql;

    • Identification technologies, access control, surveillance, communication and tracking applied to several areas such as Barcodes / RFID, Biometric Controls, Security Codes, Camcorders, Communication by SMS and GPS trackers;

    • Data Modelling and Specification and Development of applications;

    • JAVA and HTML Programming as well as auxiliary scripting languages;

    • E-learning, development of Systems and Contents for Moodle;


    • In particular, we can manage the Servers and Backups of our Customers in the Cloud;

  • Organization and Management of Corporate Communication and Documentation in accordance with the Best practices and QMS (Quality Management System) norms;

  • ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems;

  • Administrative and Human Resources Management, particularly the one regarding Registration, Attendance, and Control of Times and Remunerations;

  • Technical Management of Human Resources, particularly the one regarding Job / Functions, Performance Evaluations and Training;

  • Organization and Management of Corporate Finances;

  • Organization and Management of Products regarding Acquisitions, Inventory/Stock Management, Intermediate Transformations, and Sales;

  • Control of Projects;

  • Logistics, particularly regarding Ports and Warehouses;

  • Auto Centres;

  • Public Administration / Accounting.



What conclusion, then?


  First, Consultancy in the Cloud is possible, it’s available and yes, ours covers many areas.

 And second, if you need any Consulting Services that seems to fit well on the foregoing, you may then contact us and will be pleasantly surprised with the way we work and, of course, with our prices!