All contributions are valued and there are several Partner figures.
... we may even tailor special and on-demand Partnership Agreements. Contact us!


Become a Partner of ALTOGA Network

The ALTOGA Network® is a Network of committed Partners in spreading the ALTOGA Management Software and other complementary solutions that can add much value to organizations in general.


A Network of Partners of the most diverse kinds ranging from Independent Professionals and Individuals, who contribute to the Network, to Partner Companies and other Legal Entities.

All contributions are highly appreciated and there are several Partners Types, though special and on-demand Partnership Agreements may always be closed regardless of that.


Partnership Agreements are always supervised by the Master Companies of the Network, namely the Portuguese Altoga Software Company and the Brazilian Altoga Software Company. Nevertheless, two situations must be made clear:

  • Promoter Partners help the Companies of the ALTOGA Network promote, implement and develop businesses, consequently getting paid by such Companies, though do not directly contracting End Customers for ALTOGA Modules and Services; these Partners need not be Enterprises and may be Private Individuals;

  • Reseller Partners directly sell to and contract End Customers for ALTOGA Modules and Services; such Business Partners need to be established Companies endowed with the ability to contract and bill those End Customers, retaining the value of their trading margins as well as services and products of their own, and passing one of the Master Companies of the Network the share relating to ALTOGA Modules and Services that is due to them.

Promoter Partners

We highlight the following types of Promoter Partners:

  • Marketing Consultant: identifies opportunities and establishes the connection between a Network Company and Potential Clients;

  • Client Manager: ditto, monitors Proposals and once Clients are won, establishes with them his or her Portfolio, which is managed in conjunction with a Network Company;

  • Project Consultant: provides advice and monitors projects which fall within his or her area of expertise, also in conjunction with a Network Company;

  • Instructor: designs and makes Courses and Webinars available to the ALTOGA Network, particularly to its e-learning system, in conjunction with the Master Companies of the Network.

Promoter Partners are remunerated in the form of commissions or else by a Partner Company or one of the Master Companies to which they provided their services. They must settle a contract with a Reseller Partner and such contract is supervised by one of the Master Companies in its role of ensuring compliance with the best practices of the ALTOGA Network.


Reseller Partners

 Now regarding Reseller Partners, these must settle a contract with one of the Master Companies. Such contract never is exclusive per territory; the same holds true when it comes to business sector and/or activity.      


Despite such non-exclusive factor, the network protects its Partners during periods of negotiation of proposals and contracts: once the negotiation process for a partner has started, the latter can then register its Potential Customer in the network and once it has been accepted, the remaining Partners can no longer compete for the same Prospect. This process is supervised and arbitrated by the Master Companies.


The Reseller Partner can evolve gradually within the Network, thus increasing its share in the business:

  • The Partner usually begins with a Resale Trading Margin; such a margin is attained by only playing a role as Business Facilitator, including getting support from the Master Companies to issue proposals and contracts;

  • He or she can add all the sales amount of his or her own Services and Products;

  • Once the necessary experience is acquired, the Partner may also provide their End Customers with Helpdesk Services on a daily basis, keeping all the amount of such services;

  • He or she may also create a sub-network of Promoter Partners (not Resellers). In order to promote such a sub-network, Reseller Partners will have an increase in their trading margin so as to offset some of the commissions they will naturally have to assign their Promoter Partners.


Services assured by Master Companies

What the Master Companies of the Network ensure is essentially as follows:

  • The development and provision of Application Solutions in the Cloud / Cloud Computing;

  • And the guarantee of last resort in which, should any Partner Company fail with its Customers, the Master Companies will ensure the continuity of the services provided either directly or through any other Partner Companies of the Network. This is a guarantee to End Customers aggregated to additional ones that the Partner Companies of the Network themselves provided their Customers.


Be a Partner of the ALTOGA Network!

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