The Altoga Network is a Project run with Clients, Partners and Employees in several countries.
It mainly aims at Supporting Management, with Software and Consulting, but not only this.
… if you want to join in, if you think you can benefit from the Project or add value to it, contact us!


ALTOGA Network for Management Sofware

  ALTOGA Network supports the Project Altoga and combines culture, experience and know-how of various groups in various countries.



Project ALTOGA® - Alternatives in Organization, Management and Learning - has emerged as an independent initiative, broader than the Project MINIMAL which focused only on Management Software.


  Project ALTOGA places itself beyond the scope of the Management Software, but it continues to place priority on Management Software, particularly in the Cloud - Cloud Computing,  and is now underway on several subprojects as AltogaGreen to "Green Solutions" and Ludicenter for Recreational Learning.


Project MINIMAL® has been in the market since 1986, coming from large projects and IBM teleprocessing systems. Hence the developed ERP reflecting high levels of automation and use of online relational database of high volume and demanding response times.

This is also the reason we had always large and prestigious clients.


Our applications are used by thousands of users in many organizations of all types, from many different sectors, including Public Administration, in Portugal and several other countries.


ALTOGA Management Software


  The Subproject Altoga Software started in 2005 as a total rewrite of the applications in terms of technology platform that is now 100% Web and especially in terms of philosophy and architecture.


But it is Management Software on the Web, Cloud Computing, Software as a Service / SaaS, available through a Network of Partners - the Altoga Network.




   It is a full range Management Software. It particularly includes:

  • Support to Office and Document Management;
  • Equipment, Vehicles;
  • Works Management;
  • Helpdesk / Web Services;
  • Logistics;
  • Quality Management;
  • Public Administration
  • Business Intelligence;
  • Ports
  • Human Resources Management;
  • Auto Centers
  • Financial Management;
  • Associations, Associates and Users
  • Management of Products, Stocks;
  • Schools.


It is a Modular and Robust Solution for Management Software, 100% Web, having immediate implementation, low costs and quick results.


You can enhance the scope of the Management Software we offer in PDF  Overview of Altoga Management Software.



 In terms of philosophy we bet on the "Quick Wins" and not the "Big Bangs", that is, we bet on the implementation of modules step by step.


We bet on the Simple, Essential and Universal.

The Simple as the modules are easily understood, learned and used by all who deal in everyday life with them. Without the need for gurus and ultra-specialized personnel.


The essential by eliminating the massive and ongoing investment that is needed to respond to non-essential needs, which are the needs that change most often, and are therefore the ones that most increase the costs of the maintenance of applications.

The Modules focus on the essential, looking to the autonomy, flexibility and intelligence of the user to handle the rest. For us, the user is part of the solution.


The Universal to respond to more organizations and in more contexts and countries, allowing more to share expertise and costs between our customers and gather more know-how and financial means to improve our solutions.



 In terms of Architecture, we bet on a Modular solution that can be integrated and developed in a network, combining culture, experience and expertise of various groups in several countries.

And so was born the
ALTOGA Network of today which also participates in the marketing of the developed modules.

  And in accordance with state of art naturally emerged the focus on Cloud Computing and Software as a Service / Software on Demand.