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Financial Area

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Financial Area


Overview of Financial Area


In the long run, People and Knowledge are the Resources whose management is the most critical.

But in the short run, the Management of the Finance Area can jeopardize the survival of Organizations.


Therefore it is essential to choose some suitable software for this area.


It must be agile and in real time, show what is happening at all times and look ahead, anticipating problems, threats and opportunities that may arise.


We’ve achieve all that in a simple, though effective and automated way... and on the Web!




M200 - Management Accounting


Accounting only for legal obligations?


What about the management needs?


This Module manages accounting needs whether in terms of the Official Charts of Accounts of each Country and Sector or Cost Accounting and Management Indicators.

Includes the possibility of Accounting to have over twenty dimensions for the analysis and support to Management, and Entries to be fully automated, whether from Documents and Treasury, and from Direct Inputs in Accounting or using Allocation and Distribution Keys and importing entries from Other Subsystems.


As it is a Management-oriented Accounting, it provides a wide variety of Indicators and Graphs.




M210 - Business Documents and Billing


All Business Documents and Billing treated in a single Module?


Record, issuance and handling of Internal Documents, Our Documents to Third Parties and all sorts of Third Party Documents?

This Module includes the automation of the reflexes of Documents particularly on Accounting, Checking Accounts, Budget, Treasury, Fixed Assets and Stocks / Inventory, as well as the provision of productivity tools such as the Association of Documents in Chains and the Transformation of Documents.

It is sufficient to support Billing unless the country concerned requires specifically certified Modules for that purpose, cases in which their respective extensions must be subscribed.




M230 - Budget Control


Would you like to have a simple but effective Budgetary Control that did not consume too many resources?


With this Module you can have a Budget and monitor its Execution based on the deviations between the forecast values and the values that are being realized.

Includes Preparation and Loading of Budgets, feeding of Realized Values by either direct input or automatically from Accounting and/or Documents and Treasury; amendments to initially forecast budgets and control of such changes; reports of Forecast and Realized Values and their respective Deviations, Trial Balances, and as in most Modules, Graphs.


M240 - Treasury Management


Controlling Receipts and Payments, Bank Reconciliation and the money to be used in the future?


Accounting Treasury Movements automatically?


This Module meets all these needs in a simple and effective way.


Includes the Record of Receipts and Payments and the subsequent control of current and provisional availabilities.


The financial future of your Organization can be checked broken down per Account, Third Party and Contract.


Also includes, among other facilities, Transactions with Banks and Transfers of Funds, the Issuance of typical Treasury Documents and Bank Reconciliation, which can be automated.



M270- Fixed Assets Management


The treatment of Fixed Assets is often overlooked in Organizations.


The Legal / Accounting / Tax Treatment of assets, the History of associated Events, their Tracking and their integrated Administrative and Technical Management can be easily obtained with this Module.

Includes registration, depreciations / amortizations, deductions and revaluations and their automatic accounting reflexes; the record of Events in General associated with the assets, Transfers and the association of Miscellaneous Values; Inventory of assets along with their Operating Conditions.

Optical or RFID Treatment and tracking of assets with mapping via Google Maps are also available.





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