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Regardless of the fact that
the operational areas of organizations are very diverse,

they share common needs that
can be met by some of our Modules.

… ... namely Management of Consumption and Stocks,
Vehicles / Fleet and Equipment.



Operational Area

for all Organizations


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Operational Area


M155 - Consumption / Stocks Management


Want to control your consumptions in a better way? Your Stockroom or Warehouse?


Streamline Internal Requests for Consumptions of People and Departments?


And if you consume Raw Materials at your Factory, also want a better control of that Process?


The Management of Consumption and Stocks of Organizations can be optimized with this Module.


Includes treatment of Consumption Plans and Orders, their fulfillment and Transport Waybills / Delivery Bills as well as Items entering the Stockroom.


Automates the reflections of such Items entering or leaving the warehouse in terms of Stocks, Accounting and Budgeting.


Implements the Average and Last Cost and the Control of Quantities: Current Quantity, Reserved Quantity, Incoming and Outgoing Stocks.


Implements Alerts and Consumption Statistics and Inventories.




M320 - Vehicles / Fleet Management


Even for those that do not count with a large fleet but have some vehicles of any sort, you can gain much in controlling them better.


This Module includes the Registration / Characterization of Vehicles, their Allocation, Interventions, Consumptions, Insurances and Tracking, Routes and Travels.

A good control of Supplies, Washes, Overhauling, Tires, Batteries, Repairs and General Expenses, Insurance and Claim Values, Tracking and Mapping via Google Maps and the good management of routes and travels can greatly reduce their costs and improve the performance of your Fleet.




M330 - Equipment Management


Have Equipment and Facilities to run? This Module can help you!

The maintenance of the Registration, Characterization of Equipment and Facilities, their architecture and Allocations, Integration with Helpdesk, Maintenances and Overhauling, Repairs and Other Interventions, Consumptions, Production, Insurances, Claims, Tracking and Mapping via Google Maps and Statistics.


All this in a simple and effective way in the Cloud!




M310 - Projects / Works


Does the activity of your Organization imply Projects / Works characterized by consisting of Items to Realize based on multiple Inputs?


This module can help you. It includes Budgeting, Planning, Monitoring and Execution of Projects / Works, either in terms of the Financial aspect of Expenditures and Revenues and Cost and Sales Prices or in terms of the the the the the Operational aspect of Items to Realize, their Inputs, Payments and Receipts.


Preparation of Proposals, Consumption Plans, Price Composition, Requisitions and Billing.

Realization, Consumption, Expenditure and Revenue Schedules as well as ABC Statistics and others.


All this is at your disposal!





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